12 year old plum brandy

North of the mountain Zlatibor, at 450 meters above sea level, lies the White Valley. Once autumn begins, this beautiful countryside is painted golden, and the finest varieties of Serbian plums are collected from the orchards.

In order to obtain its unique taste, the plum brandy made of these plums is kept in oaken casks for a number of years. Once fully matured, the plum brandy is bottled under the Zlatna dolina trademark, a name fully deserved, as each and every drop of our plum brandy contains a part of that White Valley autumn gold.

Of a clear, deep-golden yellow color, with a chlorophyll reflection in the background. Of an intense smell, with a rich, harmonious taste, and exceptionally smooth.

The slightly sweet tannins dominate the aftertaste and, together with unobtrusive acids, provide the finishing touches for this brandy.